Homemade, everything

Inspired Cretan gastronomy

Indulgent flavours

In Crete, food is more than about sustenance or about indulgence. In Crete, food is associated with building bonds. Hospitality is greatly linked with eating well, whether you are a family member, a friend or a guest, eating well in Crete is non-negotiable.

At Odos Oneiron Hotels & Taste, we embody the Cretan mindset and we care about the food we serve immensely. This is why we prepare absolutely everything you will taste, using only the finest of local products and with the greatest of all our ingredients: meraki* (μεράκι – doing something with soul, creativity, or love).

Every day, all day

Start your day with an energizing breakfast, enjoy a delicious lunch, afternoon beverage as well as atmospheric dinners or slow-paced evenings!


Take out or sit down

A locals’ favourite, open since early in the morning for coffees, teas and juices, brunch options and a plethora of handmade local treats.


Meals & drinks by the pool

Serving our resident guests a plethora of sensational meals, snacks and treats, our Pool Restaurant is characterized by authentic Greek and Cretan flavours.


Drinks & sea gazing

There is nothing more delightful than sipping on your favourite drink whilst gazing out into a tranquil sea-meets-sky horizon.


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