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The top landmarks of Chania town are within walking distance from our centrally located properties that are well-positioned in the heart of the picturesque Splantzia neighbourhood.

Chania Old port and Old town

The undeniable charm of the old port and town of Chania will enchant you, day or night. You’ll love to simply saunter up and down the seafront promenade, soaking up the exhilarating ambiance our historic hometown exudes.

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Splantzia Square

Splantzia is our neighbourhood and Chania’s most colourful district, linking its diverse cultural heritage together. At the heart of Splantzia you’ll find the namesake square and iconic plane tree plus plenty of quaint cafes, tavernas & artisan shops to explore.

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Archaeological and Maritime Museums of Chania

History lovers can find out all about the importance of Chania during antiquity and its naval significance, while visiting the two museums that showcase fascinating findings.

Municipal Art Gallery

Art aficionados may want to browse the art collection housed at Chania’s Municipal Art Gallery.

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Municipal Market of Chania

The most authentic food hub in Chania. This is where you will find a plethora of local food, products, delicacies and other sorts of things to shop that will remind you of Chania forever.

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Cathedral and Catholic Churches of Chania

Within just a 1 minute walk apart, you can visit both the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Virgin Mary as well as the Catholic Church of Chania.

Koum Kapi Beach

The lovely sandy beach of Koum Kapi is found one bay over the port and can be reached just within 10 minutes walking distance from our hotel.

Venizelos Residence & 360 view burial site

Visit the residence of a legendary figure, Greek leader and statesman Eleftherios Venizelos before reaching his burial site on a hill nearby that commands phenomenal 360 views of the entire expanse of Chania town.

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